Interior Trends – Bring Home Tripod Lamps

Want to incorporate some contemporary décor element in your home? If yes, opt for designer tripod lamps.

Tripod lamps are a rage now for bringing effortless style to any corner. Be it your living room, bedroom or reading area, choose tripod lamp to bring chic décor accents in any setting. Available in plenty of design and color options, you can find an option that matches the personality of your room and your taste.

Slender chic style goes down well with minimalist furniture, while the wooden sturdy ones can add character to somber décor. Some tripod lamps are also available with adjustable stands to adjust the height and width as per your requirements or in accordance with the space available in your room.

Here are a few style tips to follow:

Get items that matches your décor

Using a tripod lamp that matches the rest of the décor in a room can enhance the appeal.

Try table top

You can also try placing stylish mini tripod lamps on your desk to create a trendy décor.

Choose wooden lamps

There’s no limit on options – you can get tripod lamp stands in a variety of finishes including wooden, chrome, rustic metal, and other. If you like the hues of natural wood and your room contains most of the wooden articles, opt for wooden tripod lamps.

Choose asymmetrical, wooden rustic looking lamp stands to give an edgy element to your home décor.

Color coordinate your interior

Use bright colors to make your room appear lively and give it a youthful feel. You may go for a metallic tripod lamp stand, but choose colorful lampshades matched to your furniture and upholstery.

Go creative

Consider using brightly colored bucket as lampshades on your tripod lamp stand. It will exude a magical effect.

Use your creative instinct and design insights to use tripod lamps as a wonderful decorative element along with illuminating your room.

Create a modern ambience with tripod lamps

If you are thinking of revamping your home interior, look for something different this time. Aside from choosing color, texture, window treatment, curtains and other elements, pay attention to other decorative items that can glam up the décor. Get tripod floor lamps to beautify your space. You can find tripod lamps stand in different designs, sizes and shapes to fit your interior decoration.

While people mostly prefer to buy a table lamp or hanging lamp, tripod lamp can make a unique choice. With different options available under tripod lamp stand and lamp cover, you can select one that goes well with your interior setting. Plus, they are convenient as you can place them anywhere, without having to drill the walls, making additional fixtures or making other adjustments. The area of coverage is very limited so also helps in space optimization.

Most of the tripod lamp stands available these are adjustable in nature. You can adjust the height depending on your personal requirements. So, you don’t have to raise the platform if you want to increase the height. Being taller, it offers the advantage of casting light over a wide floor area. You can also adjust the height to place it next to your bed or study table. It will serve two purposes – provide immense lighting and add style to your interior.

Options are also available with flexible necks, which make them perfect for lighting up the entire room. It will also save your energy costs as you would not need any other lighting option. With modern designs, you can also add class and sophistication to your room. Not to forget, they are also perfect for your office. A tripod lamp can also fit a corporate setting, enhancing the beauty of the space.

If you want to experiment with its looks, you can get designer lamp shades to decorate your interior. Lamps are available in the shapes of objects, animals and other designs to appeal to masses.

Apart from design options, you can also get tripod lamp stands in different finishes so that you can have one to complement your décor. Options are also available in wood and metal, designer and antique.

I love the nautical colors!

Trendy shades of pastels and unique uncommon textures add dimensions and character to a home.

Sleek understated designs on the cabinets and fittings give the place an edgier look.

Pops of colors added to breach the monotony proffers a modern appeal.

Following a theme or taking cue from sitcoms, movies or even fictional characters help in implementing the fun factor.

Cool metal furnishings and warm colors give a ravishing contrast to a room.

Ditching conventional overworked ideas for a fresh yet classy look can give your home space that personalized touch you crave.

Skipping the purist routine and incorporating out of the box schemes go a long way in personalizing home space.

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The Beauty Of Living

royal nauticals

Home decor is that much-needed major little something that revamps your residence and turns a house into a home.

The visual appeal, trinkets and favorite shades on the color palette make it the place you seek solace in. Catering to tastes as well as comfort is of utmost importance.

Establishing a subtle midway between classy and laidback is the ultimate goal. It should be the place you can flaunt.

It can be the canvas to showcase the many shades of you, while you recuperate and entertain yourself as also your squad. Preppy furnishings, without compromising on comfort, are a necessity.

Pillowcases in a myriad of colors give the illusion of an organized mess. Cushy couches and plush ottomans and divans are a must-have. Curtains in minimalist designs look sublime and in vogue.

Cloth curtains with a slight shimmer without looking over the top garish make just the right spectacle of sophistication.

Nimble cabinet designs that provide ample storage without eating up a lot of floor space or wall space are pre-requisites to easy maintenance.

Elegance coming!


Let there be light in life, as radiant as diamonds lighting up your space.

You are a artist deep down in your heart, vibrate but of a very unique
Antique lighting lamps brings out this beautiful you, elegant while
sparkling like a smile, brightening up your space and day with such a
class that’s different from the common taste.

What’s more there is a sweet
timeless legacy you own with these vintage lighting choices to showcase
your radiant persona to the world.

Good day!

Antique poetry with lighting lamps

lighting lamps

Why imagine beauty and do poetry?

Bring it to life by lighting up your
space with Antique lighting lamps.

It’s a class above the usual boring
lighting appliances.

As life is about living not just surviving, lighting
instruments are about giving your surroundings an aura of a timeless era.

Impress visitors with antique lamps sparkling like diamonds in your

So set up these stars in your space and feel like a vintage rock
star today.

Beautiful Tips To Style Your Home

home decor

Beautiful Tips To Style Your Home

• Decorate your décor with plants and flowers. They add warmth and liveliness to the surrounding.
I think, every décor is incomplete without an element of nature into it.

• Add texture and color. One single wall of texture can add a lot of grace into a room.

• Decorate your home not with a trend, just do what pleases you the most.

• Use different types, like some classy & spacious kind of pillows, handmade throws.

• Add pieces in your décor, that means something to you. Your surrounding will be a special one then!

A beautiful decor can take your look over and beyond. Right? 

Stay tuned people!

Unique style of Illumination with Antique lighting lamps

Spot Light

Hello again 🙂

Style up your space with Antique lighting lamps.

Feel the subtle profusion
of splendour with these lights shining highlighting a class that’s out of
this world.
It’s a blend of art combined with the genius of geometry
dangling proudly with patterns and textures that get bathed in light.
part of your home decor, Antique lighting lamps would be twinkling on
ceilings radiating their vintage grace, setting off their exquisite allure
for all to embrace in awe.

Stay tuned people!

Antique Spotlights Floor Lamps

spotlight lamp
spotlight lamp

Hello people ^_^

Someone once said,
“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”

With Royal Nauticals, you can stand before a rare chance to choose among a plenty designs, shapes, colors and sizes.

Spotlight idea? Perhaps amazing lighting or maybe entrance at host stand.

We, have some amazing, royal and classy collection for THE ANTIQUE SPOTLIGHT LAMPS.

Royal Spotlight featuring Brown & Chrome Finish touch. Original design of the lamp adds freshness to the interior. I would love one for bed light corner.

Like the white room with splashes of pink? So pretty. You can change a whole room, just by adding some different lights!

Make your home, office or your surroundings beautiful with these amazing spotlights. It is the time to demand your attention in the society.

So, Always think pretty thoughts 

Stay tuned!