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Silver gift!

Silver has great value for over many decades as a precious metal, were used in currency coins, jewellery and ornaments, marked – value tableware and utensils, and even as an investment.


With many uses, a piece would look flawless sitting right next to a dressing or filled with fresh white and red roses or potpourri. 

Antique silver pieces are proving themselves very popular items to purchase for everyone, whether dealers or collectors. With ROYAL NAUTICAL, you can have complete faith that every antique silverware items, featured within our catalogues are authentic and available to buy anytime, anywhere.

Silver is the most commonly used today to make a beautiful and royal impression in someone’s home. Whether it is being displayed with other metal pieces, silver can make any informal setting look regal, rich and beautiful. It has even been known to give the curves that silver sparkle and provide a perfect look to any standard wedding colors. 

In our Antique Silver category, you will find many great examples of antique silverware pieces from across the world, which are all available to buy right now from our member dealers. From antique silver cutlery to antique silverware dinner service or gift sets, whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find an item from the ROYAL NAUTICAL.

Happy Reading! 

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