Surveyor Compass – One of the Most Popular Nautical Instruments

Surveyor compass is one of the most popular and widely used nautical instruments used when touring. A compass usually comes with a chain to allow its convenient use. Considered an accurate instrument for surveying, a compass is used for determining the horizontal direction of a line with the help of its magnetic needle. Generally, surveyor compasses are made of brass, but wooden compasses with paper cards are also being used these days. However, wooden ones are not regarded as accurate at a brass compass. Still, wooden compasses are liked by people as they serve as wonderful nautical instruments.

Craftsmen use a variety of materials to handcraft compasses with ultimate perfection and excellent finish. Thanks to these craftsmen that you can find an excellent breathtaking collection of compasses, which are cost-effective and designed in accordance with the changing market trends.

You can get options in a broad spectrum of colors which give a natural feel and texture. There are distinct patterns, designs and shades.

Let’s have a look at the variety of Surveyor compasses:

Pocket compass

Designed with solid brass, surveyor pocket compass is polished perfectly to exude an appealing shine. A small hardwood case or a leather case can enhance the overall feel of the compass. Whether you want to purchase a wonderful gift item or just want to add something valuable to collectibles, this pocket compass is a wonderful option. For engineers and contractors, it makes a great gift option.

Classic surveyor compass

Like pocket compass, classic surveyor compass is also made from brass, but has a three legged mounting base. If you are looking around for the best nautical gifts for collectors, get a classic surveyor compass.

Sundial compass

Antique finish sundial compass combines the functions of a compass – used for navigation – and a sundial – used to indicate the hour of the day. This eye-catching easy to carry sundial compass makes a great collectible and gift option.

Stand surveyor compass

This solid brass compass is provided with an antique stand. The compass is mounted on the stand through adjustable arms. Stand surveyor compass is an appealing home decorative and gift item.

Prismatic tripod surveyor compass

Fully functional prismatic surveying compass obtains accurate results. You can find them in leather or canvas cases. With its great design features and a black coating, it doesn’t rust and lasts longer. You can add this to your antique collection, use while navigating or choose it as a gift for a surveyor.

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