Interior Trends – Bring Home Tripod Lamps

Want to incorporate some contemporary décor element in your home? If yes, opt for designer tripod lamps.

Tripod lamps are a rage now for bringing effortless style to any corner. Be it your living room, bedroom or reading area, choose tripod lamp to bring chic décor accents in any setting. Available in plenty of design and color options, you can find an option that matches the personality of your room and your taste.

Slender chic style goes down well with minimalist furniture, while the wooden sturdy ones can add character to somber décor. Some tripod lamps are also available with adjustable stands to adjust the height and width as per your requirements or in accordance with the space available in your room.

Here are a few style tips to follow:

Get items that matches your décor

Using a tripod lamp that matches the rest of the décor in a room can enhance the appeal.

Try table top

You can also try placing stylish mini tripod lamps on your desk to create a trendy décor.

Choose wooden lamps

There’s no limit on options – you can get tripod lamp stands in a variety of finishes including wooden, chrome, rustic metal, and other. If you like the hues of natural wood and your room contains most of the wooden articles, opt for wooden tripod lamps.

Choose asymmetrical, wooden rustic looking lamp stands to give an edgy element to your home décor.

Color coordinate your interior

Use bright colors to make your room appear lively and give it a youthful feel. You may go for a metallic tripod lamp stand, but choose colorful lampshades matched to your furniture and upholstery.

Go creative

Consider using brightly colored bucket as lampshades on your tripod lamp stand. It will exude a magical effect.

Use your creative instinct and design insights to use tripod lamps as a wonderful decorative element along with illuminating your room.